Essential Contents In A First Aid Pack

There are a number of different things you might have in a first aid box, some of them tend to be similar from one to another, but it is okay and possible to personalise them so that you have specific things you need. It is important to make sure you have the most significant items so you are able to handle emergency first aid problems. First aid is given to individuals who have been involved in an accident or emergency situation or have injured themselves in some way. It can happen at home or at work, or even in a car. That is why more people are making sure they have a suitable pack in those three main places since that is where they spend most of their time. The right first aid can be a vital component of managing blood loss, pain, shock, and trauma and it saves lives.

Where to get a kit

You can buy ready-made boxes and bags of different sizes and contents online or at different shops like drugstores for example. They come at different prices and it depends on where it is for. A car kit will have some slight differences from a work kit for example. You can also choose to make your own kits. This tends to work out cheaper but it means things are less neatly packed in and you might need to rummage around more which is not ideal if seconds matter. If you do choose to make a first aid pack try to make it easy to locate what is inside.

Considering what is needed

Here are some things to consider for making your own kit or for when you need to add to a kit you have bought.

The box or bag itself – First of all, you need to consider the first aid box, bag or container you choose. It needs to be large enough to hold everything you need but not so large that things just roll around in there. It should also store things like scissors safely and it needs to be waterproof.

Certain medications – Depending on where it is for and who it is for depends on the medications you might keep in it. Medicines for colds, nausea, pain, fever and also things like antibiotic ointments, antiseptic creams and such. If you have certain sicknesses you could also keep spare medications here for that, your asthma pump, your child’s allergy medication and so on. Just make sure you track their expiry dates and change them out for new ones as needed.

Other first aid supplies – Some of the other things that are useful to have in a first aid pack include the following;

Plasters of different sizes
Alcohol wipes
Instant cold packs
Cotton balls
Rubber gloves
Saftey pins
It is also a good idea to store the phone numbers you might need to reach quickly such as your doctor, emergency contact numbers, and other important numbers you think you might need.

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