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Construction Tapes: Which Type Is Best For Your Project?

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Pioneer Tapes is a one stop solution to all your specialty adhesive tapes requirements such as masking tapes for painters, glazing, cladding and facade engineering. Pioneer Tapes was founded in 1996 by Leslie Victor Paul,

Tape often ends up being one of the most useful and inexpensive tools on a construction site. Tapes are perfect for holding up plastic sheeting for dust control,Guest Posting protecting easily damaged surfaces, and fixing minor mistakes. There are many different kinds of tapes used on construction sites and each has a different purpose. Following is a brief analysis regarding which tapes work best for various construction applications.

Painter’s Masking Tape: The most common tape found on a job site. While Painter’s tape is most often used by painting contractors, it also works great for holding up temporary dust barriers. Painter’s tape is also used frequently by homeowners to tackle DIY projects around the home. High quality Painter’s tape does not leave a residue upon removal and does not remove paint if applied directly to a wall or other painted surface.

Duct tape: Duct tape has long been known as an all-purpose heavy duty tape for construction professionals and homeowners alike. Duct tape is stronger than Painter’s masking tape but occasionally leaves residues and may strip paint upon removal. Duct tapes vary in terms of durability and thickness, and higher quality typically means higher price. Professional-quality Duct tapes last longer and work much better than cheaply made tape found at the 99 cents store.

Red Polyethylene Tape: Thick, red polyethylene tape is often referred to as “stucco tape.” It is mostly used for holding up plastic around windows during stucco application to the exterior of a home. Using red polyethylene tape and plastic sheeting prevents stucco spray from damaging or otherwise dirtying windows. This prevents the need for an intensive post-stucco application cleanup.

UV-Resistant Threshold Tape: Specially-made and UV-resistant, Threshold tape is designed to protect thresholds from damage during construction. It is a 9mils thick, white, long-term surface protection material that will not leave a residue even in warmer climates. Its UV-resistance means it does not flake in the sun like other products. After installation, it can safely protect thresholds without leaving a residue for months, even in direct sunlight!

Caution Tape: While not an actual adhesive, Caution tape acts as a protective barrier all the same. It is most commonly used in construction to seal an area off or indicate the presence of hazardous substances such as lead, mold, or asbestos. Caution tape is a great tool for meeting RRP compliance laws that require signage indicating lead hazards.

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Right-to-Left Website Development: Аdvice on design

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RTL website example

Localization,Guest Posting the process of adapting a website to a particular locale, is essential for any interface, even if only a small amount of content is there. As different locales and different language groups have various features, developers must take into account these differences when creating a website. Some of these features may be difficult to understand, especially without the help of a native speaker. These features are particularly evident when it comes to designing and developing websites for the Middle Eastern market.

Demand for the creation of right-to-left (RTL) websites has grown over the years due to the fact that Arabic is the 4th most popular language globally. According to Arab Media Outlook, 60% of Arabic speakers prefer browsing internet content in Arabic. The lack of currently available content in Arabic and the existing need for this content among users is sure to continue this growth.

We’ve already taken a closer look at the peculiarities of developing RTL websites for the Arabic market in a recent blog post. In this post, we’ll be focusing our attention on some distinguishing features of RTL design.

What is a RTL website?
The creation of web services and localization of already existing products for the Middle Eastern market is stipulated by certain features that can differ vastly from English (left-to-right) websites. The set of rules and design solutions used for LTR websites are of little value when developing websites for an Arabic RTL audience. This is because RTL websites require a different structure, typography, and imagery. At first glance, it might seem like an Arabic website is just a mirrored copy of an English one. However, it can involve a lot of effort to make a page with mirrored content appear properly on a screen.

SteelKiwi has already developed a number of RTL projects and we will be sharing our experience, including potential problems and solutions, below.

Writing and visuals
The main and most obvious difference between LTR and RTL languages is seen in the direction of writing. In RTL languages, writing and reading is done from right to left. This directional change affects the structure of the website, as well as typography, icons, and images.

To design an RTL project, we use a principle that seems simple at first. We flip or mirror every piece of content, with a few key exceptions. To understand what to mirror and what to change entirely, it’s important to imagine the motion of time which flows from right to left in Arabic. For example, a list of icons that displays a specific sequence should start from the right side on an RTL website.

With the help of some basic rules, designing an Arabic website can be fairly straightforward. However, when multilingual platforms are involved, it’s crucial to plan out the architecture of the projects properly in order to avoid language conflicts when switching from LTR to RTL languages.

When beginning work on this type of project, developers should spend time designing both LTR and RTL versions since each of these is equally important for a successful end result.Read more – RTL design

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How an Insolvency Consultant Can Help Your Business

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There can come a time in any business when things begin to go wrong, resulting in possible insolvency. When this happens, there may be a temptation to bury your head in the sand and not admit what is going on until it is too late to make positive changes. This is where an insolvency consultant can help your business tremendously, particularly if you invite them into the situation instead of waiting on a court appointed examiner or consultant.

Fresh Perspective
When you are on the inside of a situation, it can be very difficult to see a clear way out. Insolvency consultant professionals are trained to deal with financial situations of all kinds and their only focus is in getting your company financially fit again. This means that the barriers you may have to making the right cuts such as personal involvement or sentimental concerns are not going to be an issue.

Clear Cut
Just because you know your business is in trouble does not mean you have any idea on how to move forward to a successful conclusion. An insolvency consultant can give you a clear road map or step-by-step instructions on exactly what it will take to move your company from near bankruptcy to operating in the black again. They can hand you a surgically precise formula that can be passed to the right people within your organisation for implementation.

In addition to helping, you return to solid ground an insolvency consultant can also give you some helpful tips and ideas on how to maintain your financial stability. You see, consultants are highly trained and vetted accountants who have a vast amount of experience in this type of situation and they can help you avoid this problem in the future.

Call a Code
There are times when insolvency is simply inevitable; your business has just gone too far into the red. This is another time when it is hard for someone close to the situation to actually give up and face the difficult decision to liquidate the business. While you can choose to ignore an insolvency consultant professional’s advice in this area, you should know that continuing to operate a business knowing it is insolvent could leave you personally responsible for huge debts and other sanctions.

An insolvency consultant can offer many different options and help your business out of financial difficulty. The key to this is being willing to listen to what your consultant has to say. When you hire a consulting firm yourself there is a temptation to “take it under advisement”, meaning you have no plans to follow the program. This will be the worst mistake you can make in business, especially in a failing business.

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Consulting Services and How to Charge For Them

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It’s actually not as easy as it may seem to figure out what kind of pricing structure you are going to using when running your marketing consulting company or firm. It doesn’t matter what kind of work that you are performing most veterans will tell you that it’s never a small task coming up with a competitive pricing plan for your consulting business.

Now there are a few dilemmas that come into play in this kind of situation for most consultants. There are a few reasons why you want to avoid charging a ridiculously low fee. One reason is if you do charge too low the work won’t be as enjoyable. You’ll keep wondering to yourself why you asked for such a low price because in the back of your head you know your time is more valuable. Another big reason is that it can really hurt your brand image as people will see you as a low cost solution even if you offer professional services.

Now the flip side of that coin is charging too much for your business consulting services. If you do this especially at the beginning of your career you definitely will scare away a lot of clients. You won’t have as many opportunities thrown your way strictly based on budget concerns that many companies out there have. You also can damage your reputation because many people will start to see you as a company that overcharges and that kind of information does spread around business communities.

What you want to do is find a happy medium and decide on a pricing structure that works for both you and your consulting client. One way to do this that is popular is to offer an hourly rate for your services. What I would recommend in this case is come up with a fee that you would feel comfortable receiving for each hour of your work day. Don’t ask for too much but don’t low ball yourself either. Most mid level consultants start there fees at a minimum of 20 to 25 dollars per hour.

Another way that you can charge for your consulting services is on a project basis. If you are good at estimation then this might work very well for you. The problem with this is most people are not. For example you look at a web design project and think it will take you 20 hours. When it’s all finished and done the overall project including phone calls, meetings, emails, design, etc took you about 45 hours. You end up losing a lot of money this way. Charging a project fee is good for consultants who have already been in the profession for a while and are very good at judging how long any given project will take.

What ever route you end up taking for deciding what to charge for your consulting fees don’t make it a quick decision. It’s an ongoing process that will evolve and change with time until you eventually find the perfect balance for your business performance and pay.

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